Maternal Health Complications May Affect Fetal Health

Maternal health refers to the overall health of a woman throughout pregnancy, delivery, and the postpartum stage. Because maternal infections, diseases, and other aspects of a mother’s health directly affect her baby, it is crucial that medical professionals detect, diagnose, and treat maternal complications early on in a pregnancy. Before we discuss specific complications related to maternal health, let’s first understand the two groups we’ll use to categorize them throughout this section:

  1. Maternal Infections: Maternal infections are infections in the mother that can transmit through the placenta, blood stream, or even through the birth canal during delivery.
  2. Maternal Medical Complications and Conditions: This category encompasses any unresolved (non-infectious) medical issues in the mother that can harm the fetus.

Maternal Health and Cerebral Palsy

Undetected and unresolved infections, medical conditions, and complications during a pregnancy can lead to severe lifelong physical and mental injuries in the fetus or newborn baby. Therefore, it is crucial for medical professionals to identify and swiftly resolve any issues associated with maternal health. Unfortunately, the failure of certain medical professionals to do this often leads to cerebral palsy (CP) and other permanent birth injuries.

Categories of Maternal Health Complications:

  1. Maternal Infections:
  2. Maternal Medical Complications and Conditions:

Legal Help for Birth Injury in Michigan

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