What Is a VBAC (Vaginal Birth after Cesarean) Delivery?

A VBAC (vaginal birth after Cesarean) delivery is the vaginal delivery of a baby by a woman who underwent a C-section in a previous delivery. Although 60-80% of women can successfully vaginally deliver a baby after having delivered by C-section previously, the obstetrical risks of an unsuccessful VBAC delivery are severe.

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What Are the Injuries Associated with VBAC Deliveries?

The injuries and consequences associated with unsuccessful VBAC deliveries are severe and often considered medical emergencies. In order to adhere to proper medical standards, physicians are obligated to thoroughly evaluate VBAC candidates before labor and delivery begins to avoid the following injuries and complications:

  • Uterine rupture: Scars from previous C-sections may tear open during labor and delivery,  pushing the placenta and baby into the mother’s abdomen. Because uterine rupture may cause severe blood loss, hysterectomy, birth injury, cerebral palsy, or infant death, the complication is recognized as a medical emergency.
  • C-section: Roughly a quarter of VBAC attempts fail and require C-section anyway.
  • Infection: Oftentimes, these VBAC cases that end up requiring Cesarean section operations lead to increased chances of maternal infection and fetal infection.

Are There Any Safe VBAC Candidates?

Yes, physicians can determine certain safe VBAC candidates based on a few considerations. Considerations for these women include the following:

  • Patients must have low, “U”-shaped transverse incisions (but no more than two of these)
  • Patients must have had a vaginal birth before or after the previous C-section
  • 18-24 months must have elapsed since the last C-section
  • Patient doesn’t have any additional uterine scars, issues, or ruptures
  • The medical reason for the previous C-section is not present in the current pregnancy
  • The mother faces no other major medical issues (diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, or genital herpes)
  • It is a single baby
  • The baby is in the correct position and is not too large (macrosomic)

Legal Help for VBAC Injuries and Cerebral Palsy (CP)

Michigan VBAC Attorneys Representing Victims of Medical Malpractice

Medical professionals are obligated to conduct in-depth tests to determine if a woman with a previous Cesarean operation is eligible for a vaginal birth. We encourage patients who were not aptly warned about the risks of a VBAC to seek legal help in order to find financial support.

The following errors constitute as negligence and may serve as grounds for a medical malpractice case:

  • Failure to warn the patient about the risks of a VBAC delivery
  • Permitting a poor candidate to deliver vaginally
  • Failure to quickly order a C-section during a dangerous vaginal delivery
  • Attempting a VBAC delivery when the hospital or physicians are not prepared for emergency C-section operations
  • Failure to monitor fetal distress during a VBAC delivery and failure to respond to changes in fetal monitoring
  • Failure to follow the proper procedures and medical standards for VBAC deliveries; failure to follow standards for preterm late delivery and deliver at the gestational age safest to both mother and child (which, according to current ACOG research, occurs between 36-37 gestational weeks or a prior classical cesarean with an upper segment uterine incision)

At Michigan Cerebral Palsy Attorneys, our birth injury lawyers have decades of experience handling medical malpractice cases regarding improperly managed VBAC deliveries. To read more about past settlements and verdicts achieved by our birth injury lawyers related to VBAC injuries, please visit this page.

If you experienced these incidents or similar situations during your delivery, don’t hesitate to call our experienced attorneys at (888) 592-1857. Our lawyers will evaluate your case for free and answer any of your medical or legal questions.

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