Birth Injury Resources in Your City

At Michigan Cerebral Palsy Attorneys, our main goal is to help those children affected by cerebral palsy from unnecessary medical error and negligence. Unfortunately, hospitals and medical professionals do occasionally fail to give the families and victims of medical malpractice the reasons behind their injuries. Many of these families will not pursue the legal assistance necessary to contend with medical treatment and rehabilitation.

In response, the birth injury experts and attorneys at our law firm have pooled together various cerebral palsy and birth injury resources specific to your city in Michigan. We implore you to take a look at the resources available in your Michigan city and region and reach out for the medical, rehabilitative, community, and legal support you and your family deserve.

Cerebral Palsy Resources by Michigan Region

Identify your region on the clickable map below to find cerebral palsy resources in your city:

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Southeast Michigan South Central Michigan Southwest Michigan East Central Michigan West Central Michigan Northern Michigan Upper Penninsula

For reference, some specific cities in each region include the following:

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