Rochester Hills and Rochester Cerebral Palsy Resources

Health Care Centers

1. Crittenton Hospital

Clinical services available at Michigan’s Crittenton Hospital Medical Center in Rochester include in- and out-patient therapy and rehabilitation services, imaging, women’s services, behavioral health, diagnostic neurology, home care, medical equipment loan, orthopedics, nutritional counseling, pediatrics, surgery, respiratory therapy, stroke care, and much more.

  • Crittenton Diagnostic Neurology Services provide EEG, EP, EMG, NCT, and ENG testing to detect and diagnose different neurological disorders and diseases among patients.
  • Crittenton Pediatrics facilitates a handful of “Child Life Programs” and parenting groups for pediatric patients and their families. These resources aim to support the specific emotional needs of pediatric patients, ensure healthy and safe growth, and create strong familial relationships. To learn more about the programs, visit the attached links.
    • Crittenton Pediatric Rehabilitation Services, which you can read more about in our section on treatment and therapy, specifically serves children with conditions including cerebral palsy, motor skill deficits, sensory processing disorders, feeding and communication impairments, and many other related conditions and injuries.
2. Beaumont Medical Center–Rochester Hills

Beaumont Medical Center, located in Rochester Hills, provides outpatient services including laboratory services, physical therapy, radiology, and more. Additionally, the Beaumont Children’s Hospital provides services in this location. To learn more about the physical therapy services available at this location, please visit our section on Rochester and Rochester Hills physical therapy in our “Treatments and Therapy Resources” section.

3. Rochester and Rochester Hills Special Needs Dental Care
  • Michigan Sedation Dentistry provides special needs dental services to patients in Rochester Hills, Michigan. Pediatric and adult patients have conditions and diagnoses including physical impairments, mobility limitations, autism, Down Syndrome, cerebral palsy, mental impairments, anxiety, seizure disorders, and more.
  • Tracht & Briskie, D.D.S., P.C. & Associates Specialists in Pediatric Dentistry provides special needs dental services to pediatric patients in Rochester Hills, Michigan. The office provides care to pediatric patients with physical, emotional, and cognitive challenges.

Cerebral Palsy Resources

Lifestyle Resources
1. Educational Resources

The Rochester Community Schools Special Education Department provides classroom and ancillary support programs for all students who meet eligibility requirements for a Specific Learning Disability, which may include students with cognitive impairments, emotional impairments, hearing or visual impairments, physical deficits, other health impairments, speech and language impairment, early childhood developmental delay, specific learning disability, severe multiple impairment, autism, and traumatic brain injury. Ancillary special education services include school psychology and counseling, social work, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, teacher consultation, Child Find, Early Childhood Special Education, transition services, Post-High, and more.

2. Care Resources

Crittenton Hospital’s Home Care Services aim to provide individualized care services for patients with a range of medical, rehabilitation, and lifestyle needs. The following services are included in Crittenton Hospital’s Home Care Services:

  • Continuing Care provides care to patients who are not yet ready to transition to an assisted living facility. Services include personal care and bathing, medication management, housekeeping, transportation, house calls, long-term care, companion care, and more.
  • Certified Home Care services include nursing, physical and occupational therapy, speech therapy, home health aid and grooming, social work, total parenteral nutrition, and more.
  • Specialty Care services include companion care, bathing and personal care, meal preparation, housekeeping, medication reminders, and more.
3. Employment Resources

Dutton Farm is a Rochester Hills organization that provides life and vocational skills programs to individuals living with physical, mental, emotional, and social challenges. Their Pre-Vocational Program provides job training, social skills building, job skill training, and vocational counseling.

4. Adaptive Equipment and Assistive Technologies

Crittenton Medical Equipment Rochester Hills provides medical equipment loans to patients with a variety of adaptive equipment and assistive technology needs. Specific equipment loans include grooming and bath equipment, daily living aids, orthotics, monitoring aids, supports, respiratory devices, walking aids and wheelchairs, lifts, hearing and visual aids, and more.

Treatment and Therapy Resources
1. Interdisciplinary Therapy Programs

Crittenton Hospital, located in Rochester, Michigan, provides the following interdisciplinary therapy programs:

  • Crittenton Hospital’s Inpatient Rehabilitation Services provide individualized interdisciplinary therapy programs for each patient. Typical patents have diagnoses including, but not limited to, CVA and stroke, neurological disorders (such as cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and more), traumatic brain injury and brain damage, major multiple trauma, nerve impairments, deconditioning due to lengthy illnesses or disabling conditions, and fractures.
  • Crittenton Outpatient Therapy Center, located in Rochester Hills, provides therapy for conditions and needs including orthopedic injuries, neck and back injuries, neurological conditions, hand injuries, balance and fall prevention, post-surgical, chronic pain, pediatric rehabilitation, and more. The Rochester Hills Outpatient Therapy Center also features aquatic physical therapy as a specialty service.
  • Crittenton’s Pediatric Rehabilitation Services blend physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech-language therapy techniques in order to create personalized rehabilitation programs for each pediatric patient.
    • Physical therapy services aim to treat disorders related to orthopedic injury, diseases, neurological conditions, movement disorders, developmental disabilities, and brain damage. Typical patients will have cerebral palsy, torticollis, plagiocephaly, developmental disabilities, walking abnormalities, and related conditions. Services include pediatric neuro-developmental treatment, cage therapy (intensive suit therapy), bracing and adaptive equipment use, and gross motor skill development.
    • Occupational therapy services provide treatment for children with fine motor delays and issues that affect grasping skills, handwriting, feeding, sensory integration, upper extremities, deformities, and more. Specific services include splinting, sensory integration therapy, fine motor skill development, and feeding strategies and skill development.
    • Speech therapy services treat children with speech and language disorders. Specific services aim to treat dysarthria, apraxia, stuttering, speech and language disorders, and Autism Spectrum Disorders.
2. Physical Therapy
  • The Detroit Medical Center Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan (RIM) Rehab facility at the Rochester Hills Center provides physical therapy, sports medicine, and orthopedic therapy to patients with a range of rehabilitation needs. To learn more about the center and its specific services, you may reach RIM Rochester Hills Center at (313) 745-3380.
  • Team Rehabilitation is a Michigan therapy company that provides a range of services to patients with varying rehabilitation needs. The Team Rehab Rochester Hills Clinic offers ASTYM therapy, sports medicine, custom foot orthotics, manual therapy, and free, medically necessary transportation services.
  • Beaumont Medical Center Rochester Hills’ Physical Therapy Services provide aquatic exercise programs, golf conditioning, Kaltenborn spinal and extremity mobilization technique training, muscle energy techniques, myofascial release techniques, strain and contestrain exercises, and more. Services aim to treat pre- and post-orthopedic surgical services, neck and back pain, pelvic floor dysfunction, and more.
3. Recreational Therapy
  • Dutton Farm, located in Rochester Hills, arranges a number of recreational events for individuals with mental, physical, emotional, and social challenges. To learn about events taking place at Dutton Farm, make sure to check their events calendar here. Common events include sports games, camps, lectures, and more.
  • Bear Creek Nature Park, located in Rochester, Michigan, has ADA accessible limestone trails and boardwalks in order to permit easy access to meadows, woodlands, marshes, and wetlands.
3A. Recreational Therapy–Animal Therapy

Crittenton Hospital Behavioral Health Services facilitates a pet therapy program in which animals and representatives from Pet Therapy International visit patients twice a month.

3B. Recreational Therapy–Sports Therapy
  • The Athletes with Disabilities Network, located in Rochester Hills, is an organization that operates and organizes events and opportunities for disabled individuals to learn, practice, and compete in different sports. The Athletes with Disabilities Network facilitates programs and events including the Hall of Fame, the Extremity Games, various scholarships, outreach, and more.
  • The Rochester Avon Recreation Authority (RARA) provides special needs recreational programs for residents in Rochester, Michigan and surrounding areas. The following special needs recreational services and programs are offered through the Rochester Avon Recreation Authority:
    • Special Needs Leagues: RARA facilitates the Adaptive Basketball League and the Adaptive Bowling League.
    • Special Needs Programs: RARA Special Needs Programs are specifically designed for individuals with developmental disabilities and/or physical limitations. They include the Diners Club, Movie – Pizza Night, Holiday Dances, Instructional Basketball, Bingo Night, the Walking Group, and Movie Night Out.
    • The RARA Summer Camp (SCAMP) is a summer camp designed for young, special needs participants. To learn more about the RARA SCAMP, visit the attached link.
  • Beaumont Medical Center Rochester Hills’ Physical Therapy Services facilitates a rehabilitative golfing program at their location in Rochester Hills, Michigan.
3C. Recreational Therapy–Art Therapy

The Paint a Miracle Art Studio is a Rochester, Michigan art studio and gallery that helps differently-abled and challenged individuals explore the arts. Classes, open studio time, and exhibitions encourage artists to focus on exploration, creative cultivation, and personal therapy goals.

3D. Recreational Therapy–Special Needs Camps
  • Dutton Farm Summer Camp is a Rochester Hills special needs camp that provides individuals with developmental disabilities with opportunities to interact with animals, garden, learn about farming, create arts and crafts, and make friends.
  • The RARA Summer Camp (SCAMP), which we discuss in our Sports Therapy section, is a summer camp designed for young, special needs participants. To learn more about the RARA SCAMP, visit their webpage.
4. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

Crittenton Hospital Medical Center, located in Rochester Hills, provides hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) services on the second floor of their Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Medicine Center. Some of the common diagnoses for HBOT at Crittenton Hospital may include acute peripheral arterial insufficiency, acute traumatic peripheral ischemia, and more. To learn more about Crittenton’s HBOT services, visit the attached link.

5. Complementary and Alternative Therapies
  • Cerebral Palsy (CP) Treatment and Therapy Resources in Michigan - Rochester and Rochester HillsCrittenton Hospital Medical Center’s Nutritional Counseling Services offer specific dietary and nutritional counseling programs and services including weight loss support, obesity prevention, pregnancy planning, high blood pressure management, and much more. Nutritional Counseling may be a beneficial complementary or alternative form of therapy for patients whose cerebral palsy requires special attention to diet. This service is available in Rochester Hills.
  • Beaumont Rochester Hills Medical Center’s Integrative Medicine Services provide a number of complementary and alternative therapy services. Below we’ve listed some of the therapy programs available by individual and group size:
    • Group programs include gentle yoga and meditation.
    • Individual therapy programs include clinical massage therapy (hot stone, neuromuscular, hydrotherapy, lymphatic wellness, Indian Head massage, and scar therapy), acupuncture, naturopathy, guided imagery, reflexology, energy balancing with Reiki, Cranial Sacral therapy, and integrative medicine consultation.
6. Behavioral Therapy and Emotional Counseling
  • The Rochester Center for Behavioral Medicine, located in Rochester Hills, provides full diagnostic and treatment services for children, adolescents, and adults with a range of behavioral, mental, and emotional needs. Some of the many mental health services offered through the Rochester Center for Behavioral Medicine include academic and cognitive evaluations for learning disorders and intellectual disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder evaluation, psychiatric evaluation, parenting technique training, psychological testing, school advocacy, social phobia counseling, individual therapy, mind-body therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and assistance coping with illness.
  • Crittenton Hospital’s Behavioral Health Services provide inpatient, acute care for patients with different mental, emotional, and behavioral health needs. Patients receive treatment from psychiatrists, nurses, social workers, MDs, occupational therapists, and mental health technicians. Crittenton Hospital is located in Rochester, Michigan.
  • The Mental Fitness Center, located in Rochester, offers mental health services to individuals with developmental disabilities, cognitive impairments, learning disabilities, and other conditions. The Mental Fitness Center provides individual counseling, health and fitness coaching, peer and family support, and more.

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