Malpresentation and Incorrect Size for Gestational Age

When preparing for a safe delivery, it is crucial that medical professionals confirm that a baby is within the normal range of weight, size, and presentation. Before we discuss the labor and delivery complications related to incorrect size and malpresentation, it is important to first understand and clarify a few key terms:

  1. Presentation: Presentation of the baby is based on which of the baby’s body parts is closest to the birth canal and will thereby exit first during delivery.
  2. Vertex presentation: The vertex presentation is the standard fetal presentation in which the baby’s head enters the pelvic inlet and birth canal first. It is also known as the cephalic presentation.
  3. Position: Unlike presentation, a baby’s position is based on the location of the fetus in the womb. It is characterized by the position of the fetus right before delivery begins because fetuses often change position in the womb during a pregnancy.
  4. Malpresentation: Malpresentation is the term used to define any fetal presentation other than the standard vertex presentation.

Incorrect Size, Malpresentation, and Cerebral Palsy

When a baby’s presentation, size, or weight is abnormal, physicians usually intervene in hopes to either manually reposition the baby or to safely deliver her surgically by way of cesarean section. Vaginally delivering a baby under abnormal size and presentation conditions may lead to serious complications for both the mother and child. Head trauma, birth asphyxia, umbilical cord issues, head and spine injury, and a number of other injuries caused while delivering a baby with incorrect sizing or presentation may lead to lifelong brain injury and cerebral palsy. Failure on the parts of physicians or other healthcare professionals to identify and quickly resolve issues associated with incorrect size or malpresentation is considered medical malpractice and negligence.

Conditions Related to Incorrect Size and Malpresentation

While a number of birth complications may lead to cerebral palsy, we will focus on those cases caused by incorrect size and malpresentation in this segment. We invite you to peruse our information in order to better understand your child’s cerebral palsy and the legal actions needed to find the support you deserve.

The most common complications related to incorrect size and malpresentation include:

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