Lesley Atton, RN, BSN

Michigan Cerebral Palsy Attorneys Nursing Staff

Our birth trauma team has brought on Lesley Atton, a registered nurse with nearly twenty years of experience in hospital care, patient relationships and health care for children with special needs. She holds a BSN from Oakland University. She is also a certified Registered Nurse (RN). Her extensive nursing experience and experience in dealing with children with disabilities make her a critical asset to our birth injury-focused firm.

After completing her BSN, Atton first working in a hospital, and then found a niche in private duty nursing. As a private duty nurse, Atton assessed the severely physically and cognitively disabled, especially those with cerebral palsy and Down’s Syndrome. She was exceptionally successful in her role and was promoted to the position of Manager of Clinical Practice (MCP) as a result. As Manager, she oversaw and coordinated a staff of thirty nurses and home health aides, ensuring high-quality care for the firm’s clients.

She also worked as a Territory Manager for Atrium Medical Corporation, supervising and conducting training for obstetric and NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) nursing staff. Her work centered on very delicate medical situations, as she primarily worked with high-risk, pediatric and neonatal patients.

Lesley Atton, RNAtton has worked in a variety of medical environments and dealt with medical professionals of all types (including surgeons, physician’s assistants and pulmonologists) in her twenty years of experience as an RN. Her extensive nursing knowledge of special-needs populations and high-risk neonatal care make her ideally suited for a birth injury environment. She is an indispensable part of the firm and is critical to identifying medical malpractice in the treatment of vulnerable populations.

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