Linda Tyszka, RN, C-EFM

Michigan Cerebral Palsy Attorneys Labor & Delivery Nurse Specialist

Our birth trauma team at Michigan Cerebral Palsy Attorneys is fortunate to include Linda Tyszka, our in-house Labor and Delivery Nurse Consultant. Linda has over two decades of experience in labor and delivery, as well as certifications in electronic fetal monitoring and neonatal resuscitation, bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge to our legal team and clients. She is passionate about advocating for each one of her patients, which is important within the one-on-one environment of labor and delivery. 

After graduating from Wayne State University with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Linda began her career by caring for both low and high-risk patients during the antepartum, intrapartum, and postpartum periods. For some time, she was also an operating room circulating nurse at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan, focusing her care on pediatric patients. However, Linda found her true passion in the Labor and Delivery unit a few years later, and has been dedicated to her role at Beaumont Hospital ever since. For nearly two decades, Linda has devoted herself to her patients and embracing the responsibilities that come with being a labor and delivery nurse.

To Linda, one of the most valuable aspects of providing care as a labor and delivery nurse is the opportunity to create close bonds with each patient, and understanding their unique needs. She understands that, regardless of a patient’s risk level, it is critical to always ensure safe delivery. She emphasizes that this is no easy task, as “a low-risk situation can turn high-risk very quickly.” Linda underlines the diligence medical staff must have in always following procedures, policies, and standards of care. 

It is this set of beliefs that drew Linda to our team at Michigan Cerebral Palsy Attorneys. Linda extensively reviews medical records and consults with our lawyers on situations where injury could have been avoided. She especially notes patterns of birth injury and trends occur. She attributes a breach in standard of care to birth injury cases: “It is unacceptable.”

Linda emphasizes that medical professionals must always follow standards of care and their instincts. Medical professionals are responsible for people’s lives, and must be diligent about the care they provide, including advocating for patients when they feel a situation is not right. 

When she is not serving patients or investigating cases, Linda can be found with her three children and their dog, Brady. In the winter, you can find her skiing on the slopes. She is also a reader, gardener, and loves to travel.

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