Cerebral Palsy Resources in Northern Michigan

In this section, we’ll discuss the specific cerebral palsy resources available in the Northern Michigan area. Northern Michigan offers a range of disability and cerebral palsy resources, and we encourage residents of any Northern Michigan city affected by cerebral palsy to reach out to nearby cities and communities for additional cerebral palsy services, programs, and medical facilities. The services listed below pertain to the general northern Michigan area. City-specific resources can be found below as well.

Cerebral Palsy Resources for the General Northern Michigan Area

Care, Finance, and Insurance

1. Health Care
  • University of Michigan offers world-class medical care in Traverse City for Pediatric Cardiology and Genetics.
  • MI Dental provides community dental care to individuals with special needs, including cerebral palsy and other disabilities.
2. Insurance
  • MI Bridges provides low-cost health insurance and food assistance benefits for the underinsured and at-risk populations.

Lifestyle Resources

1. Education
  • Michigan HeadStart provides early education opportunities for children 3-5. Spaces are available for children with cognitive and developmental delays or impairments.
2. Care
  • Real Life Living Services provides community and home-based care for developmentally and/or physically challenged adults and children in northwestern, western and east-central Michigan.
  • Compassionate Care Michigan provides home health care services throughout the state of Michigan to those with cerebral palsy and other disabilities.
3.  Housing
4. Adaptive Equipment and Assistive Technologies
  • TherAdapt provides pediatric adaptive equipment for children with special needs.
  • Airway Oxygen Inc. provides oxygen therapy, mobility products and other adaptive aids to those with special needs throughout the state of Michigan.
5. Accessible Playgrounds and Outdoor Activities

Organizations, Support, and Awareness Information

1. Disability Organizations
  • The Disability Network provides information regarding general resources for accessibility, independent living, employment and recreation to members of the disabled community in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and Northern Lower Peninsula.
2. Support and Informational Groups
3. Legal Information, Resources, and Advocacy
  • The Michigan Department of Human Services provides a broad array of information and services to the families of children with disabilities, including healthcare programs, Special Health Care Services, and the Social Security Disability Program.
4. Family and Parent Resources
  • Third Level, a division of Northwest Michigan’s Child and Family Services, provides support to individuals working through life crises. They offer youth services, community education, and supportive services for children experiencing tension at home.

Treatment and Therapy Resources

1. Interdisciplinary Therapy Programs
  • North Country Community Mental Health provides those with mental health challenges in Antrim, Charlevoix, Cheboygan, Emmet, Kalkaska, and Otsego counties with support and health services.
2. Recreational Therapy
  • Animal Therapy
    • Path International provides therapeutic equestrian lessons in multiple locations for children with cerebral palsy as well as cognitive and physical disabilities.
  • Art Therapy
    • VSA Michigan provides accessible art lessons and recreation opportunities for individuals with CP and limited fine motor movement in the Northeast Michigan area.

Cerebral Palsy Resources by Major City

The following pages contain additional, city-specific cerebral palsy resources.

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