Cerebral Palsy Resources in East Central Michigan

Cerebral palsy resources are often community-specific, and finding them can sometimes be difficult. The law offices of Reiter & Walsh, P.C., hopes to assist those with cerebral palsy in obtaining the services and support they require for optimal health and living outcomes. East Central Michigan offers a variety of resources to those with cerebral palsy. Those who have been diagnosed with CP can reach out to various local and regional offices for help. The following links provide information to major East Central Michigan cities and their surrounding areas:

The following links list general resources for the greater East Central Michigan area. For more details on city-specific resources, please click the links above. Please note that these resources are still in progress; more information will become available soon.

Cerebral Palsy Resources for the General East Central Michigan Area

Lifestyle Resources

1. Education
2. Accessible Playgrounds and Recreation

Organizations, Support, and Awareness Information

1. Family and Parent Resources

Treatment and Therapy Resources

1. Sports Therapy
  • Wheelin’ Team 457 provides activities and events for wheelchair users, including bowling tournaments, ice fishing, billiards, wheelchair games, hunting, archery, fishing, and golf.
2. Art Therapy—music, dance, visual
  • VSA MI offers high school students with cognitive, emotional and physical disabilities the opportunity to participate in after-school arts programs, including music, theater, literature, film and visual arts.
3. Special Needs Camps
  • The Fowler Outdoor Learning Center provides 100% accessible traditional camping activities year round, including waterfront activities, sports, arts, challenge courses, horseback riding, and picnics.
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