Health Care Centers

1. William Beaumont Health System
  • Beaumont Hospital Royal Oak is a 1,070-bed hospital that provides a range of clinical services to pediatric and adult patients. Of Beaumont’s many programs and services, patients affected by birth trauma, cerebral palsy, infant brain damage, developmental disabilities, and related conditions may benefit particularly well from neurosciences, orthopedics, women’s services, audiology, integrative medicine, the Neonatal Intensive Care Unity (NICU), obstetric services, oral maxillofacial surgery, pain medicine, the Parenting Program, psychiatry, rehabilitation services and programs, surgery, trauma care, and more.
    • Neurosciences at Beaumont provide assessment and treatment of conditions including balance disorders, epilepsy, functional disorders, hydrocephalus, movement disorders, spinal cord injury, stroke, traumatic brain injury, and many others. Treatments and services include clinical neurophysiology, epilepsy monitoring, surgery, neuro-intensive care, neuro-inpatient care, neuro-trauma rehabilitation, nerve surgery, and much more.
  • The Beaumont Children’s Hospital is one of the most advanced and specialized pediatric clinical programs available to children in Michigan. Children’s health specialties at the Beaumont Children’s Hospital include audiology, autism treatment programs, bullying support, the Center for Children’s Rehabilitation, child advocacy and protection, craniofacial and cleft palate care, human development and behavioral pediatrics, the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), neurology, neurosurgery, epilepsy and the Epilepsy Clinic, orthopedics, surgery, learning disabilities care, speech and language disorders, psychiatry, trauma, and much more. Below we’ve listed some of the programs and services available through Beaumont Children’s Hospital in greater detail:
    • The Beaumont Children’s Miracle Network Garden, located at Beaumont Hospital Royal Oak, is a 4,000 square foot area designed to allow pediatric patients and their families to relax and enjoy “garden” events including movie nights, parties, spa nights, recreational activities, and more. The Children’s Miracle Network Garden is funded through the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and all events are hosted by Beaumont Child Life Services.
    • Ghesquiere Family Center for Children’s Surgery is a Beaumont Children’s Hospital Royal Oak center that provides specialized pediatric surgery services. All rooms and facilities within the Ghesquiere Family Center are designed to alleviate patient anxiety before surgical procedures.
    • The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Beaumont Children’s Hospital provides a 50 patient beds, parent support group, surgery, ventilation amenities, nitric oxide therapy, neuroprotective head cooling (hypothermia treatment for conditions such as hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy), and treatment for conditions including anemia, prematurity, asphyxia (also known as hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy and neonatal encephalopathy), birth defects, infections, jaundice and kernicterus, organ dysfunction, newborn surgical problems, respiratory failure, and more. There is another Beaumont Children’s Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit located at the Troy facility.
    • The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) provides critical care for infants, children, and adolescents up to the age of eighteen. The PICU is the only Level I Trauma Care facility in Oakland and Macomb counties, and pediatric patients are treated by specialists, surgical specialists, nurses, respiratory therapists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, nutritionists, and social workers. The Beaumont Children’s Hospital Pediatric Intensive Care Unit has locations in Royal Oak and Troy, Michigan.
    • The Human Development & Behavioral Pediatrics Program (CHD) is a Beaumont Children’s Hospital Program located in Berkley (a city neighboring Royal Oak) and Grosse Pointe. The CHD treats pediatric patients with developmental, behavioral, and learning challenges through multidisciplinary techniques and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Conditions commonly treated at Beaumont’s CHD include autism, attention deficit disorders, developmental delays, emotional impairments, learning disabilities, and social challenges. Services include developmental assessment, pediatric counseling, hands-on parent education, and tutoring.
    • The Pediatric Neurology Program at Beaumont Children’s Hospital provides diagnostic, treatment, and rehabilitation services for conditions including autism, attention deficit disorder (ADD), developmental disorders, developmental delays, epilepsy, seizure disorders, headaches and migraines, sleep disorders, movement disorders, learning and behavioral challenges, dietary changes, neuropsychological issues, and more.
    • Pediatric Neurosurgery at Beaumont Children’s Hospital provides surgical treatments for conditions including craniofacial reconstruction needs, epilepsy, head and spine trauma, traumatic brain injury and infant brain damage, hydrocephalus, peripheral nerve issues, spasticity, spinal abnormalities, vascular neurosurgery needs, and more.
    • Orthopedic Surgery Services at Beaumont Children’s Hospital evaluate, manage, and treat conditions including cerebral palsy, spasticity, extremity deformities, limb abnormalities, hip and joint deformities, developmental deformities, pediatric trauma, spinal deformities, and many other conditions and injuries. The orthopedic surgeons in Beaumont’s Department of Physical Therapy at Oakland University research spasticity treatments for pediatric patients in great detail.
  • The Beaumont Health Center in Royal Oak is an outpatient medical center that provides services including childhood speech and language disorder care, children’s rehabilitation, communication disorder care, hand therapy, hyperbaric medicine, nutrition services, occupational therapy, physical therapy, the WorkAbility Program, and more.
2. St. John Macomb-Oakland

St. John Macomb-Oakland Hospital Madison Heights Campus is one of two St. John Macomb-Oakland campuses (the other location is in Warren, Michigan). Inpatient services include physical medicine and rehabilitation, pulmonary medicine, surgery, and more. Outpatient services include diagnostic and imaging services, neurological rehabilitation, rehabilitation services, surgery, diet and nutrition, and more. St. John Macomb-Oakland Madison Heights Campus also features the Open MRI, an MRI machine designed to accommodate anxious, claustrophobic, and/or overweight patients.

3. Henry Ford Health System
  • Henry Ford Kingswood Hospital is located in Ferndale, Michigan and provides inpatient psychiatric care for pediatric, adolescent, and adult patients with behavioral health disorders and conditions including anxiety, psychosis, depression, and others. Specific programs and services available at Henry Ford Kingswood Hospital include the Child & Adolescent Psychiatric Treatment Program, mental health planning, transitional care, Adult Inpatient Psychiatric Treatment, psychology, social work, recreational therapy, medical assessment, family therapy, group therapy, education, occupational therapy, medication management, leisure counseling, life skills classes, special education (for pediatric and adolescent patients), and more.
  • Henry Ford Medical Center Royal Oak provides clinical services including family medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, and women’s health. These Henry Ford Programs may be particularly beneficial to those patients affected by pregnancy complications, birth trauma, birth injuries, cerebral palsy, and related injuries and conditions.
4. Bright Side Dental

Bright Side Dental, located in Royal Oak, offers specialized dentistry services to patients with special needs. Bright Side Dental prioritizes trust, friendship, sensitivity, and relationship-building in order to provide accessible, thorough dental services to patients ages 12 and up with Cerebral Palsy, Downs Syndrome, Autism, or other physical and developmental conditions. Dental specialists from Bright Side Dental take into consideration the factors affecting dental hygiene associated with certain disabling conditions. For instance, children with cerebral palsy may require specialized dental services as a result of oral motor dysfunction, poor dental alignment, grinding of the teeth, rumination, and tooth damage from compulsively eating non-edible objects. Bright Side Dental has other Michigan locations in Canton, Clarkston, Southfield, Livonia, St. Clair Shores, Farmington, Sterling Heights, and Warren.

5. Michigan Institute for Neurological Disorders (MIND)

Michigan Institute for Neurological Disorders (MIND) is Michigan’s largest private neurological practice, specializing in disorders and injuries of the brain, spine, and nervous system. From the MIND center in Madison Heights, medical professionals provide clinical and rehabilitative services for patients with conditions such as movement disorders, epilepsy and seizures, spinal disorders, cerebral palsy, neurological conditions, spasticity, and other conditions caused by intracranial hemorrhages, hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (HIE), nuchal cords, and other birth injuries. Some specific services, programs, and procedures offered through Michigan Institute for Neurological Disorders include electrodiagnostic services, pain management, Botox injection (for movement disorders), deep brain stimulation, research, and imaging. Michigan Institute for Neurological Disorders has other locations in Farmington Hills and Garden City, Michigan.

Cerebral Palsy Resources

Lifestyle Resources
1. Educational Resources
  • The Easter Seals Michigan Dreams Unlimited Clubhouse provides a tutoring program and career exploration services to Oakland County residents with disabilities and other special needs. The Dreams Unlimited Clubhouse is located in Royal Oak, Michigan and can be reached at (248) 544-2034.
  • OLHSA Early Childhood Programs: The Oakland Livingston Human Service Agency (OLHSA) is a charitable nonprofit human services agency with Michigan locations in Ferndale, Howell, and Pontiac. Of OLHSA’s many services for disabled individuals, several are related to education. OLHSA’s Head Start Programs aim to prepare vulnerable children for healthy childhood development in and out of the classroom. Specific Early Childhood Programs at OLHSA include Early Head Start, Head Start, Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP), Great Parents Program, Women, Infants & Children (WIC), How to Enroll, and Family Resources. The OLHSA website also has a wonderful resource listing Michigan’s Early Childhood program locations.
  • Royal Oak School Department of Special Education provides education services for special needs children through the age of 26. To learn more about specific programs, services, and resources, visit the Royal Oak School District Department of Special Education here.
  • Madison District Public Schools Special Education services provide a continuum of programs and resources for students with disabilities. Specific programs and services include Individual Education Plans (IEPs), Teacher Assistance Teams, evaluations and assessments, classes and programs based on special need and age, early intervention, speech and language therapy, school psychology, social work, occupational therapy, physical therapy, a specialized school nurse, adapted physical education, interpreters for the deaf and hard of hearing, homebound and hospitalization services, out of district placement options, and more.
  • Ferndale Public Schools Department of Special Education provides all necessary special education services for special needs students including teacher consultations, ancillary services, resource rooms, self-contained rooms, center-based programming, and more. To learn more about specific programs, amenities, and services, visit the Ferndale Public Schools Special Education web and resource page here.
2. Care Resources
  • The Judson Center’s Child Welfare services provide Adoption, Family Preservation, Foster Care, and Residential Treatment services to families. The Judson Center is located in Royal Oak, Michigan.
  • Community Living Services Long Term Care Programs: Community Living Services, a Ferndale and Wayne nonprofit agency we’ll discuss in greater detail in our Disability Organizations section, provides comprehensive long term care services for Oakland and Wayne County residents with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Community Living Services offers the following programs through their Long Term Care Program:
    • Nursing Facility Transition helps transition intellectually and developmentally disabled individuals out of nursing homes and into new communities.
    • Support at Home provides information on community- and home-based supports.
    • In Home Care services include personal care, homemaking services, respite care, transportation, and counseling.
    • Benefits and Resource Assistance provides the consultation and referral services necessary to link individuals to the resources they need.
3. Employment Resources
  • The Easter Seals Michigan Dreams Unlimited Clubhouse provides transitional employment and supported employment services to Oakland County residents with disabilities and other special needs. Additionally, the program sponsors the “Career Club.” The Dreams Unlimited Clubhouse is located in Royal Oak, Michigan and can be reached at (248) 544-2034.
  • New Horizons Rehabilitation Center, a not-for-profit rehabilitation services agency located in Madison Heights, provides disabled individuals with a variety of employment and self-care training programs. Services include vocational training, employment skills services, personal and social adjustment, skills assessment, work evaluation, and the School to Work and Return to Work programs. Participants at New Horizons Rehabilitation Center have diagnoses including physical or mental disabilities, mental illness, blindness or deafness, learning disabilities, industrial injuries, and/or traumatic brain injuries. New Horizons has other locations in Auburn Hills, Clinton Township, Davisburg, Flint, and Novi.
4. Housing Resources
  • Community Homes, based out of Royal Oak, provides housing supports to adults with developmental disabilities. Community Homes offers an adult foster care program, licensed homes, and semi-independent homes. The Semi-Independent Program Homes provide services including meal prep, shopping, financial management, residential maintenance, resource access, rights and responsibilities of community living guidance, social and leisure activities, and medication monitoring.
  • The Judson Center’s Disability Services offers a number of specialized services to ensure that Michigan residents with developmental disabilities are able to live adequately and participate fully in their communities. Judson Center Disability Services include Group Homes, Respite Care, Vocational Services, and Supported Independence. The Judson Center is located in Royal Oak, Michigan.
  • Angel’s Place, a nonprofit organization that provides housing for developmentally disabled residents in Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb County, operates a house in Royal Oak Michigan. To learn more about Angel’s Place, the Linwood House in Royal Oak, or housing availability, visit the Angel’s Place webpage linked above.
  • The Oakland Livingston Human Service Agency (OLHSA), a charitable nonprofit human services agency in Ferndale, Howell, and Pontiac, offers two beneficial resources for disability and special needs housing. The Affordable Assistance Program provides cheap assistance with home care, yard work, snow removal, contractor services, and more. The Venture Housing Program provides Oakland and Livingston County residents with housing referral and homeownership counseling. The program aims to make housing affordable, build new houses, and improve neighborhood quality.
  • The Ferndale Housing Commission works to provide affordable, non-discriminatory housing to vulnerable and disabled residents in Ferndale. To learn more about the 125 units reserved for elderly and disabled people, visit their webpage here.
5. Transportation Resources
  • Royal Oak Community Center Senior and Handicapped Transportation provides transit services for individuals with permanent disabilities of all ages. To learn about schedules, routes, amenities, and eligibility requirements, visit their webpage here.
  • The Madison Heights Senior Center Transportation Program provides transit services for individuals with disabilities. Transportation is available Monday through Friday. For more information, visit their webpage here.
  • SMART Bus provides curbside, advance reservation transportation services in compliance with ADA standards throughout Royal Oak, Ferndale, and Madison Heights.
5. Disability Etiquette

New Horizons Rehabilitation Services Personal & Social Adjustment provides Community Integration Services that help disabled individuals integrate into their communities, develop social skills, and increase independence. The Home-Based Skill Development program provides similar training for individuals in their own homes. The program takes place in Madison Heights, Michigan.

6. Adaptive Equipment and Assistive Technologies
  • Creative Mobility Group provides accessible vans and vehicle modification services to individuals with adaptive driving and transportation needs. Their products include acceleration and braking, electronic controls, seating and securing, wheelchair and scooter lifts, and steering aids. Creative Mobility Group is located in Madison Heights and Byron Center, Michigan.
  • The Beaumont Home Medical Equipment Program provides home health care equipment loan, delivery, set up, maintenance, and emergency service responsiveness for patients with home medical equipment needs. Available technologies include oxygen therapy products, clinical and respiratory therapy products, hospital beds, patients lifts, transfer systems, ambulatory and mobility devices, aids to daily living products, self-testing diagnostic and wellness products, orthopedic braces, and much more. Beaumont Home Medical Equipment has two service locations in Royal Oak, Michigan: One location is at the Beaumont Home Medical Main Showroom and Sleep and Wellness Center, and the other location is at Beaumont Hospital Royal Oak.

Organizations, Support, and Information

 1. Disability Organizations
  • The Judson Center is a human services nonprofit organization that provides a range of services aimed at helping disabled Michigan children, adults, and families improve their lives. The Judson Center’s core programs and services include Behavioral Health, Child Welfare, the Autism Connection, and Disability Services. The Judson Center operates offices in Royal Oak, Flint, Warren, Ann Arbor, and Redford.
  • Easter Seals Michigan, a nonprofit charitable organization that provides support services for individuals with disabilities and special needs, operates the Easter Seals Michigan – Dreams Unlimited Clubhouse in Royal Oak, Michigan. Services available at this location include behavioral health supports, transitional employment, supported employment, tutoring, and the Career Club. The Dreams Unlimited Clubhouse services residents in Oakland County.
  • The Oakland Livingston Human Service Agency (OLHSA) is a charitable nonprofit human services agency located in Ferndale, Howell, and Pontiac, Michigan. OLHSA provides support services to individuals with disabilities, senior citizens, and others suffering from various hardships. Services and programs include charitable events, advocacy, education, outreach, fundraising, Early Childhood Programs (including Early Head Start, Head Start, the Great Start Readiness Program, Women, Infants & Children, and Family Resources), affordable assistance referral, and housing assistance.
  • Community Living Services, one of the largest nonprofit agencies in Michigan, provides a range of support services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. With locations in Ferndale and Wayne, Community Living Services is able to provide supports to residents across Oakland and Wayne counties. Oakland County services include Autism Benefit Supports and Services (ABA), clinical services, community-based supports and services, fiscal intermediary supports, habilitation waiver supports, peer mentoring, psychiatric and psychosocial therapy services, supports coordination, and more.
2. Research Initiatives

Support, Information, and Resources for Cerebral Palsy (CP) in Royal Oak, Ferndale, and Madison Heights, MichiganBeaumont TrioBank: Beaumont Hospital Royal Oak is home to a handful of noteworthy research programs and initiatives. The TrioBank Initiative aims to find new ways to use umbilical cord blood cells to treat conditions including traumatic brain injury, stroke, cerebral palsy, and more. Beaumont’s BioBank (an associated Beaumont research center) collects maternal and paternal blood and saliva samples, cord blood cells, and placental cells to further their research.

3. Support and Informational Groups
  • Beaumont Children’s Hospital Classes and Support Groups provide information, guidance, and support to families, expectant mothers, and pediatric patients handling a range of new medical and lifestyle experiences. One support group available at the Beaumont Royal Oak location is the N.I.C.U. Support Group.
  • Community Living Services, located in Ferndale, provides a number of support and informational services. Notable support and informational groups available through Community Living Services include the Peer Leadership Group and the Peer Mentoring Program. Both programs aim to assist developmentally and intellectually impaired individuals learn about self-care, safety, community participation opportunities, budgeting, benefits planning, recreational activities, person-centered planning, and independent living.
  • Bullying Support for Children: Beaumont Children’s Hospital facilitates the No Bullying Live Empowered (NoBLE) initiative, which provides guidance, education, and support for children affected by bullying. Because children with disabilities are so often targeted by bullies, the NoBLE initiative may be particularly beneficial for those children affected by cerebral palsy, developmental disabilities, brain damage, or other traumatic birth injuries.
Treatment and Therapy Resources
1. Interdisciplinary Therapy Programs
  • The Beaumont Hospital Royal Oak Adult Rehabilitation Program provides interdisciplinary therapy services to adult patients including Cranio-Sacral therapy, neurological therapy, neurotrauma rehabilitation, recreational therapy, hand and upper extremity therapy, orthopedic therapy, physical therapy, speech and language pathology, a wheelchair clinic, and women’s health therapy. The Neurological and Neurotrauma rehabilitation programs specifically treat conditions including cerebral palsy, stroke, CVA, dysphagia and swallowing difficulties, encephalitis, traumatic brain injury, and other conditions and injuries directly related to birth injuries and birth trauma.
  • Beaumont Children’s Hospital Center for Children’s Rehabilitation: Beaumont Children’s Hospital provides comprehensive, interdisciplinary therapy programs to children through the age of 16 at their locations in Royal Oak, West Bloomfield, and Grosse Pointe.
    • Pediatric Occupational Therapy services at Beaumont Children’s Hospital aim to improve independence through tackling range of motion, strength, motor skills, eating skills, self-care, and sensory integration. Common diagnoses treated through the occupational therapy services at Beaumont Children’s Hospital include autism, brachial plexus, brain injury and infant brain damage, respiratory disorders, cerebral palsy, developmental delays, encephalopathy, epilepsy and seizure disorders, feeding and oral motor impairments, impaired fine motor coordination, hydrocephalus, learning disabilities, neuromuscular deficits, orthopedic conditions, prematurity, sensory processing and sensory integration disorders, self-care and grooming issues, spinal cord injuries, stroke, and visual impairments.
    • Pediatric Physical Therapy services at Beaumont Children’s Hospital aim to improve range of motion, strength, flexibility, reflexes, balance, and motor skills through exercises, individual therapy sessions, and group programs. Commonly treated conditions at the Beaumont Children’s Hospital Physical Therapy Program include autism, neuromuscular problems, brain injury, cerebral palsy, tendon contractures, complications of prematurity, gait abnormalities, encephalopathy, gross motor function impairments, orthopedic conditions, spinal cord injuries, stroke, torticollis, and more.
    • The Childhood Speech and Language Disorders Rehabilitation Program at Beaumont Children’s Hospital provides speech and language therapy for children ages 1 to 10 years. Common conditions addressed and treated through the program include childhood speech and language delays, pediatric speech and language disorders, developmental apraxia, dyspraxia of speech, phonological process disorders, Autism spectrum disorders, pragmatic disorders, cleft palate, stuttering, orofacial myology, cochlear implants, traumatic brain injuries, neurological disorders, and more.
    • Social Work Services at Beaumont Children’s Hospital provide counseling services including education, parenting education, emotional support, and coping with illness.
    • Special Rehabilitation Events are planned through Beaumont’s Children’s Hospital Rehabilitation Program. To learn more about events like Bike Day, Halloween, Summer Swim Party, and December Holidays, visit their page here.
    • Group Programs offered through the Beaumont Center for Children’s Rehabilitation provide patients and their families with community support groups, clinically-based programs, and other therapeutic opportunities. Rehabilitation programs available to pediatric patients in the Royal Oak location include the following:
  • The Beaumont Health Center, a Beaumont outpatient medical center located in Royal Oak, provides outpatient therapy services including adult speech-language pathology, aquatic/pool therapy, driver rehabilitation, hand and upper extremity rehabilitation, neurotrauma rehab, physical therapy, occupational therapy, orthopedic therapy, pediatric rehabilitation, women’s rehabilitation, vestibular rehab, vision rehab, WorkAbility rehab, and more.
  • Active Rehab Center, located in Madison Heights, provides comprehensive rehabilitation services and programs to patients with conditions and injuries including cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injuries and brain damage, stroke and CVA, developmental delays, neuropathy, deformities of the extremities, and many others. Programs include endurance training, manual techniques, joint mobilization, soft tissue mobilization, splinting and bracing, gait training, neuromuscular reeducation, therapeutic massage, Craniosacral therapy, light therapy, ultrasounds, anodyne therapy, and more. Active Rehab Center has a second location in Shelby Township, Michigan.
  • St. John Macomb-Oakland Hospital Madison Heights Campus provides in- and out-patient rehabilitation services including physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, and much more. Their neurological rehabilitation services target neurological injuries and conditions through physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech and language pathology, social work, therapeutic recreation, aquatic therapy, team conferences, pre-vocational assessments, work site evaluations, traumatic brain injury support groups, community integration, and more.
2. Physical Therapy
  • The Detroit Medical Center (DMC) Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan (RIM) Madison Heights Center provides physical therapy, sports medicine, and orthopedic therapy for patients with a range of rehabilitation needs.
  • ATI Physical Therapy is a Madison Heights rehabilitation center that offers physical therapy services including manual therapy, strength training, therapeutic exercise, aquatic therapy (pool therapy), hand therapy, and more. Physical therapy exercises are designed to target conditions, injuries, or deformities of the extremities, chronic and acute conditions, decreased range of motion, pain, walking difficulties, musculoskeletal pain, spinal dysfunction, and more.
3. Recreational Therapy

Beaumont’s Therapeutic Recreation Program provides recreational therapy opportunities for adult patients with physical, emotional, cognitive, and social challenges. Programs include bowling, golf and miniature golf, bicycling, tennis, table and card games, pool and billiards, aquatics, health club assessment and program development, community service, social activities (dining out, dancing, shopping, and movies), and arts. Conditions treated through the program include traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, CVA and stroke, neuro-muscular disease, multi-trauma, and more.

4. Sports Therapy and Adaptive Sports
  • Oakland County Parks and Recreation’s Adaptive Recreation Program sponsors the Youth Abilities Saturday Sports Special, an adaptive sports program designed specifically for children with disabilities between the ages of 6 and 18. The program takes place at the Boys & Girls Club in Royal Oak, Michigan. To learn more about the Youth Abilities Saturday Sports Special, visit the webpage linked above.
  • The FAR Conservatory of Therapeutic and Performing Arts, a Birmingham nonprofit organization dedicated to providing mentally, emotionally, and physically impaired individuals with opportunities for therapeutic recreation, provides varsity hockey and skating programs at the John Lindell Ice Arena in Royal Oak, Michigan.
  • Belightful Yoga is a Royal Oak yoga studio that provides special needs yoga classes for adults and children with physical, mental, emotional, and social impairments. Belightful Yoga’s Special Needs Program provides adult community groups, a children’s series, private sessions, and parent and child classes. Some of Belightful’s many community partners include the Judson Center Royal Oak, Kids in Motion in Highland, the Detroit Institute for Children, the Autism Society of Oakland County, the Macomb County Autism Society, Autism ASK Waterford, Abilities Center Walled Lake, OU Cares, and Inner Connections West Bloomfield.
5. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)
  • Beaumont Hospital Royal Oak’s Hyperbaric Medicine Center, one of the largest hyperbaric medical programs in the country, provides hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) to patients with a range of therapy needs. To learn more about hyperbaric oxygen therapy and Beaumont’s HBOT facilities or to learn if their HBOT services will cover your medical needs, visit their webpage above.
6. Stem Cell Therapy
  • Beaumont Hospital Royal Oak’s TrioBank Initiative collects maternal and paternal blood and saliva samples, cord blood cells, and placental cells to further develop new ways to treat traumatic brain injury, stroke, cerebral palsy, and other conditions and injuries related to birth.
7. Complementary and Alternative Therapies
  • Rebecca Roman of Bonafide Motion is a Ferndale, Michigan rehabilitation and fitness practitioner that runs treatment, therapy, and rehabilitation programs for individuals with special needs and behavioral issues including cerebral palsy (CP), Autism, ADD/ADHD, and developmental conditions and disabilities. Rebecca has experience and certifications in the Feldenkrais Method, the Anat Baniel Method, biomechanics, positive psychology, functional yoga, and neuroscience. Rebecca Roman works with children, adults, high performers, and seniors and provides private lessons, group lessons, workshops and corporate lessons.
  • Beaumont’s Integrative Medicine Programs provide a number of complementary and alternative therapy services at their location in Royal Oak, Michigan. Individuals affected by traumatic birth injuries, cerebral palsy, or related injuries may benefit from the alternative and complementary forms of therapy available through Beaumont. Below we’ve listed some of the therapy programs available by individual and group setup:
    • Individual therapy programs include clinical massage therapy (hot stone, neuromuscular, hydrotherapy, lymphatic wellness, Indian Head massage, and scar therapy), acupuncture, naturopathy, guided imagery, reflexology, energy balancing with Reiki, Cranial Sacral therapy, and integrative medicine consultation.
    • Group programs include gentle yoga and meditation.
8. Behavioral Therapy and Emotional Counseling
  • The Judson Center, located in Royal Oak, provides both in- and outpatient behavioral health services for individuals working through mental health, behavioral, or emotional issues. The behavioral health team consists of certified therapists and counselors with extensive training in Motivational Interviewing, Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. The In-Home Family Treatment Program is a 6 month program that provides services including conflict resolution, individual and family therapy, psychiatric services, parenting skills, communication exercises, and much more.
  • Beaumont Royal Oak’s Psychiatry Services provide diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment services for patients with a range of mental health needs. In- and out-patient psychiatry programs employ a team of social workers, nurses, recreational therapists, nutritionists and dieticians, psychiatrists, and clinical physicians.
  • Beaumont Children’s Hospital Royal Oak offers behavioral and emotional support and therapy through their Pediatric Psychiatry Clinic. Services aim to treat anxiety, learning disabilities, depression, and mental illness.

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