Health Care Centers in Livonia & Redford

  • St. Mary Mercy Livonia, a member of the St. Joseph Mercy Health System and Trinity Health in Novi, is a full-service, acute care hospital that provides comprehensive care services to patients with a range of medical needs. Services include emergency medicine and intensive care, general medicine, in- and outpatient surgery, physical medicine and rehabilitation, birthing and women’s services, behavioral medicine, pediatrics, and many others.
  • Henry Ford Medical Center Livonia: Services and programs that may be particularly beneficial to those affected by delivery, cerebral palsy, or traumatic birth injury include diagnostic radiology, obstetrics and gynecology, orthopedics, pediatrics, visual rehabilitation, and women’s health. The Henry Ford Department of Pediatrics provides a number of valuable resources for children affected by birth injury—Neurology (which includes the Comprehensive Epilepsy Center), Speech and Language Pathology, Surgery and Reconstructive Surgery for birth defects, Behavioral Health, Orthopedics, Medical Home, and more.
  • St. John Providence Medical Center – Livonia: In- and outpatient clinical departments include, but are not limited to, Rehabilitation Services (including hand rehabilitation), Behavioral Medicine, Neurology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, and Pediatrics.
  • The University of Michigan Health System has two health care centers in Livonia—the Livonia Center for Specialty Care and the Livonia Health Center. Clinical services at the Livonia Health Center that may be specifically beneficial to those affected by delivery or birth injury include newborn, pediatric and adolescent care, prenatal and OB/Gyn care, family planning, and palliative care.
  • Botsford Medical Center Redford (BMCR) treats infants, children, adolescents, and adults and provides in-house clinical services including Radiology & Imaging, Urgent Care, Gynecology, and Rehabilitation. The Botsford Center for Rehabilitation and Health Improvement (BCRHI) provides rehabilitation services including pediatric rehab, cranial sacral therapy, assistive device assessment, back education, activities of daily life retraining, hand therapy, lower and upper extremity functional training, neurological functional retraining, and many others.
  • Bright Side Dental, located in Livonia, offers specialized dentistry services to patients with special needs. Bright Side Dental prioritizes trust, friendship, sensitivity, and relationship-building in order to provide welcoming, thorough dental services to patients ages 12 and up with Cerebral Palsy, Downs Syndrome, Autism, or other physical and developmental conditions. Dental specialists from Bright Side Dental take into consideration the factors affecting dental hygiene associated with certain disabling conditions. For instance, children with cerebral palsy may require specialized dental services as a result of oral motor dysfunction, poor dental alignment, grinding of the teeth, rumination, and tooth damage from compulsively eating non-edible objects. Bright Side Dental has other Michigan locations in Canton, Clarkston, Farmington, Southfield, Royal Oak, St. Clair Shores, Sterling Heights, and Warren.

Cerebral Palsy Resources

Care, Finance, and Insurance Resources
  • St. Mary Mercy Hospital Livonia sponsors the Community Care Program to accommodate the medical needs of low-income patients. Livonia residents may use Community Care for emergency medicine or necessary care services. To learn more about affordable health insurance and financial assistance, visit this St. Mary Mercy Livonia resource.
  • The Arc of Northwest Wayne County Fiscal Intermediary Services: Located in Redford, the Arc of Northwest Wayne provides fiscal services that help Wayne County residents pay for their medical and lifestyle supports and services. The fiscal intermediary manages the individual’s Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and wages, which cover expenses including support staff, equipment, services, housing, food, insurance, transportation, activities, and more. Agents from the service help the individual maintain and manage individual budgets and accounts, finances, payroll services, financial audits, and other related items.

Lifestyle Resources

 1. Education
  • St. Mary Mercy Livonia coordinates a children’s speech training program called Children’s Language and Speech Services (CLASS). CLASS provides a supplemental learning environment for children with speech-language impairments and works with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs).
  • Livonia Public Schools Department of Special Education provides research-based interventions, assistive technologies, and community outreach services to ensure that special needs students receive quality educations. The Department of Special Education’s services include occupational therapy, physical therapy, psychology services, speech and language therapy, a specific department for visually impaired students, and the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) program. To read more about learning disability eligibility at Livonia Public Schools, visit this link.
  • Redford Union Schools Special Education services provide equal education for students with disabilities in the least restrictive environment. The Special Education Student Services offers specific learning disability eligibility guidelines, child evaluation services, parent advisory committees, and more.
  • Starfish Family Services, a private nonprofit family services agency in Inkster, offers a continuum of education services to in-need families around Wayne County. Some programs include:
    • Head Start programming takes place at a Starfish location in Livonia. Starfish Head Start offers preschool educational services for income-eligible families, provides nutritional, medical, and dental health to the families of students, and delivers a range of social services to participants. To learn more about Starfish Head Start’s programs in Livonia, call (734) 762-9734.
    • Early Head Start is a free program that helps families with children under the age of 3 achieve developmental milestones. Early Head Start program services include center- and home-based childcare, early developmental education and screenings, medical and dental referrals, activities that promote health parenting and child growth, development information, and prenatal services. Services, which take place in Inkster, are open to residents in Redford, Livonia, and surrounding communities.
    • Thrive to Five, another Early Head Start program devoted to income-eligible families with pre-Kindergarten children, targets the educational and care needs necessary to ensure success once children reach elementary school.
  • Wayne Metropolitan Community Action Agency (CAA) Head Start: Wayne County’s CAA provides Head Start programming in Redford at the Shear Early Childhood Center and Beck Center. To read more about the program’s services and contact information, visit their webpage here.
2. Care
  1. Macomb-Oakland Regional Center (MORC) Home Care: MORC Home Care Program participants are able to choose specific service providers and programs as part of their Home Care Plan. Some Home Care services include adult day care, chore assistance, counseling, environmental modifications, respite care, training, and transportation.
  2. Quest Inc. provides a range of care services for individuals with special needs. Services include in-home services (children’s, respite, transportation, and occupational therapy), residential services (family housing, independent living, and licensed homes), and a day program (occupational therapy, school services, and sensory integration).
  3. The Judson Center, a human and disability services nonprofit in Redford, runs a child welfare service that provides adoption programs, family preservation, foster care coordination, and residential treatment services. Additionally, the Judson Center provides group home care, respite care, and supported independence to disabled individuals as part of their Disability Services program.
  4. is an online directory that lists various child care centers, home daycare providers, nannies, and child care jobs based on location. The site lists a handful of special needs care providers in Redford, Livonia, and other cities around Michigan.
  5. Life Center provides in-home supports to disabled children and adults in Livonia and surrounding cities. While Life Center’s primary service is in-home care, employees also offer lifestyle counseling and mentoring in healthy living strategies, financial planning, personal care, community and social inclusion, recreation, personal fulfillment, transportation, and much more.
3. Employment
  • Services to Enhance Potential (STEP) is an agency that helps individuals with developmental disabilities achieve personal satisfaction through goal recognition and pursuit. Services at STEP include support coordination, self-employment, skills training, mobility training, job placement, employment services, community programming, and transition help. The STEP facility in Livonia is called the Northwest Resource Center and is located at 32229 Schoolcraft.
  • The Macomb-Oakland Regional Center (MORC) provides job support resources through their Working in the Community Program—the MORC connects disabled individuals with supportive work environments, provides career coaching and mentoring to disabled individuals, plans transition work, arranges out-of-home, non-vocational habilitation, and helps individuals build prevocational skills.
  • The Resource Network is a Redford employment agency that aims to educate, support, inform, and advocate for vulnerable or underrepresented individuals as they search for employment. Staff from the Resource Network offer adult literacy programs, AEP and PATH programs, employer services, career opportunities and coaching, occupational training, and more.
  • Rainbow Rehabilitation Centers’ vocational rehabilitation programs assist patients with their transitions into the workforce after recovering from injuries of the spine or brain.
    • The Vocational Rehabilitation program offers individualized vocational planning, job assessment analysis, job development and planning, training, education, and more.
    • The Young Adult Program is a comprehensive vocational program aimed at helping adolescents enter the workforce or higher education institutes. The program begins with attention to attendance, accepting feedback, quality work, and productivity, and then advances into more specific educational and vocational training.
  • The Arc of Northwest Wayne County’s School to Community Transition Project helps intellectually and developmentally disabled students and young adults transition into adulthood and employment. Staff from the School to Community Transition Project help young people navigate educational information, employment agencies, independent living options, self-determination skills, and support and service advocacy.
4. Housing
  • Macomb-Oakland Regional Center (MORC) Home Choices enables individuals with developmental disabilities to live how and where they want to live—staff organize in-home assistance, respite care, home modifications, adaptive equipment, parent training, shared parenting, and family counseling. For those that prefer to live away from family, MORC provides services including Personal Residence, Home of My Own, and Group Homes.
  • Angel’s Place provides assisted living homes and supports for adults with developmental disabilities. The Grimaldi Home, the Angel’s Place assisted living facility located in Livonia, provides housing and support services to developmentally disabled individuals.
5. Transportation
  • Livonia Community Transit (LCT) provides demand-response transportation services for senior and disabled residents in Livonia as mandated by the American Disabilities Acts (ADA). The service also works with SMART and D-DOT services to provide the To Work service, a transportation program that accommodates passengers coming from out of town through other public transportation providers. To read more about Livonia’s disability transportation resources, visit their site resources page.
  • Quest Inc.‘s transportation services offer regular and accessible transportation for individuals with special needs. Quest offers transit to medical appointments, social events, jobs and school, adult day care, errand destinations, and more. To learn more about how to use Quest Inc.’s transportation services, call (734) 458-8140.
  • ABC Transportation is a Southeastern Michigan transportation service located in Livonia, Michigan. ABC Transportation’s Handicap and Accessible Transportation services include wheelchair accessibility, lift and restraint equipped vans, and non-emergency medical transportation.

Organizations, Support, and Awareness Information

1. Foundations and Charities
  • Seedlings Braille Books for Children is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in Livonia that provides low-cost braille books for blind children. We encourage the families of children with cerebral palsy and resultant visual impairments to take advantage of Seedlings’ affordable braille books.
  • The Arc of Northwestern Wayne County accepts donations and volunteers in order to fulfill its programs and missions—to learn more about charitable donations or volunteer opportunities, visit their webpage here.
 2. Disability Organizations
  • The Arc of Northwestern Wayne, a community branch of the Arc of Michigan and the Arc of the United States, is a disability organization serving individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The Arc of Northwestern Wayne operates on core beliefs including person-centered care, community participation, democracy, leadership, diversity, and integrity. The Arc sponsors a number of services and programs that range from education, employment, recreation, therapy, financial planning, and more.
  • The Macomb-Oakland Regional Center (MORC) is a private, nonprofit human services agency that provides support services to over 5,000 individuals with developmental and psychiatric disabilities. The MORC subcontracts over 200 nonprofits agencies in Southeastern Michigan and partners with agencies such as the Michigan Department of Human Services, Michigan Rehabilitation Services, and a number of local school districts. MORC services include person-centered support coordination, clinical services, children and family services, vocational counseling, respite care, recreational therapy, rehabilitation, home care, training, and much more. The MORC has offices in Livonia, Clinton Township, Troy, and Auburn Hills.
  • Michigan Protection & Advocacy Service, Inc. (MPAS) is an independent, private nonprofit organization that advocates and protects the legal rights of Michigan residents living with disabilities. MPAS services include information and referral, short-term assistance, technical assistance, legal representation, advocacy, monitoring for neglect and abuse in facilities, outreach, and training.
  • The Judson Center, a human services nonprofit organization that helps in-need and disabled Michigan residents improve their lives, has a location in Redford. Primary programs include Behavioral Health, Child Welfare, Disability Services, and the Autism Connection.
  • Family Alliance Network (FAN) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving quality of life for families and youths affected by learning challenges. Family Alliance Network organizes recreational and empowering opportunities for children with different learning abilities to participate in the community, provides resources for families affected by learning differences, and fosters awareness and understanding of disabilities within the community. Previous events have included family fun days, sports events, circus arts education, and more.
3. Legal Information

Guardianship Alternatives Information Network (GAIN): The Arc of Northwestern Wayne County sponsors the GAIN program, an information and referral network that promotes alternative guardianship plans. Since guardianship is a legal process in which an individual’s right to make personal and life decisions is removed, GAIN works to ensure that disabled individuals find fitting guardianship plans. GAIN provides outreach, information and referral, and education on alternatives to guardianship such as patient advocate, power of attorney, representative payee, conservator of finances, and more. To learn more about alternatives to guardianship or to find a GAIN training appointment, call 1-866-365-3231.

4. Parent and Family Resources
  • The Arc of Northwestern Wayne County runs the After I’m Gone program, a support program that teaches the parents, siblings, friends, or caregivers how to plan for a disabled loved one’s future. Individual and group information sharing meetings provide participants with information and services regarding technical assistance referral, person-centered planning and self-determination, alternatives to guardianship, community mental health services, housing, estate planning, social security, financial planning, funeral planning, school transition planning, and employment services.
  • St. Mary Mercy Livonia provides support groups that may be particularly beneficial to those affected by delivery or birth injury, including the Mental Health Support Group and the Mother-Baby Postpartum Support Group.
  • Henry Ford’s Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities offers a number of great resources for parents. This resource provides information about diagnosis, therapy, treatment, care, and special health needs for children with a developmental disability.
  • MORC Children and Family Services works to preserve the function and integrity of families affected by developmental disabilities. Programs and Services include Family Centered Planning, Intensive Family Support, Transition Services, Foster Care, and more.
  • The MORC Respite Service Program provides temporary relief for the families of individuals with disabilities—MORC staff arrange home, residential, recreational, and shared parenting respite programs that allow the families of disabled people take a break from their standard care responsibilities.

 Treatment and Therapy Resources

 1. Interdisciplinary Therapy Programs
  • Botsford Center for Rehabilitation and Health Improvement – Redford (BCRHI) offers a long list of rehabilitation programs perfect for individuals recovering from birth injuries—some programs include Adaptive Equipment and Assistive Device Assessment, Functional Mobility Retraining, Gait and Balance Retraining, Hand Therapy, Extremity Functional Training, and Neurological Functional Retraining.
    • BCRHI also offers the Comprehensive Pediatric Outpatient Program, a multidisciplinary and specialized approach to pediatric therapy. The program addresses developmental delays (including speech, language, and cognition impairments), motor skill impairments, sensory integration problems, feeding and swallowing issues, decreased mobility and coordination, cranial asymmetry, and more. Therapists integrate physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy into each patient’s treatment plan.
  • The Recovery Project LLC is a Livonia rehabilitation center dedicated to “aggressive therapy” for spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and other neurological disorders. The program designs individualized therapy programs that utilize fall prevention tactics, traditional therapy, high intensity therapy, home- and community-based rehabilitation, orthopedic services, occupational therapy, lifelong fitness programs, and medical massage therapy.
  • The MORC provides interdisciplinary clinical services that include medical evaluation, nursing care, social work and psychological care, speech and language therapy, nutrition guidance, and occupational therapy.
  • St. Mary Mercy Livonia’s Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) Department provides comprehensive and interdisciplinary outpatient physical rehabilitation services to patients with a range of mobility limitations. Outpatient physical rehab programs include Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Physiatry, and Massage Therapy.
  • The Detroit Medical Center Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan (RIM) at the Livonia Center provides physical therapy, sports medicine, orthopedic therapy, women’s rehab, and pelvic floor rehab.
  • Rainbow Rehabilitation Centers, Inc. of Livonia provides comprehensive care and rehabilitation services for patients with brain and spinal cord injuries. Typical patients at Rainbow Rehabilitation Centers have therapeutic programs with a combination of the following services: aquatic therapy, behavioral management, counseling, occupational therapy, physical therapy, recreational therapy, respiratory therapy, speech and language pathology, vocational therapy, art and music therapy, yoga and fitness, medical rehabilitation, neuro-behavioral rehabilitation, tutoring and educational support, interpersonal skill building, and social programs.
  • The Henry Ford Medical Center – Livonia Medical Home for Children is a special program that helps children with chronic diseases or developmental and physical disabilities. The program provides early identification and management of diseases, conditions, and complications, prevents secondary medical conditions in children with developmental disabilities, promotes health in children with disabilities, and provides children with help when transitioning into adult life. Each patient receives a personalized, comprehensive treatment plan at the Medical Home for Children program.
 2. Physical Therapy
  • St. Mary Mercy Livonia’s Inpatient Physical Rehab Unit provides comprehensive physical therapy to patients with conditions that include stroke, orthopedic and neurological conditions, brain injury, muscle weakness, nerve impingement, and many others. St. Mary Mercy Livonia provides outpatient physical therapy as part of their Outpatient Physical Rehabilitation Services program.
  • St. John Providence Medical Center Livonia: Livonia Physical Therapy, a satellite PT service, offers physical therapy, adult rehabilitation, sports rehab, and post-therapy exercise programs for patients with a range of rehabilitation needs.
  • Concentra provides physical therapy programs for patients over the age of 12 with trauma-related injuries, orthopedic and hand/upper extremity injuries, and pain and functional limitations caused by medical or chronic injuries. Services take place at their office in Livonia.
 3. Recreational Therapy
Recreational Therapy: Sports Therapy
  • The MORC Stars is a co-ed special needs hockey team in Livonia sponsored by a partnership between the Macomb-Oakland Regional Center and “Skate to be Great” charity. To read more about the team, visit their webpage here.
  • The Arc of Northwest Wayne County Athletic Program: Children and adults over the age of eight are welcome to participate in the Art of Northwest Wayne County’s Athletic Program. Members of the program participate in adaptive swimming, track and field, softball, soccer, bowling, hockey, and basketball, and many go on to participate in the annual Special Olympics games. The Arc also periodically holds athletic events such as golf outings and events nights.
Recreational Therapy: Aquatic Therapy

Team Rehab Livonia West Clinic has an aquatic therapy facility for patients with lower back pain, leg and hip impairments, conditions or injuries that make weight bearing difficult, and patients who cannot tolerate land-based exercise.

Recreational Therapy: Art Therapy
  • The Macomb-Oakland Regional Center (MORC) provides art classes through a partnership with the DIA, provides photography classes and outings, and sponsors a disability choir.
  • It’s All About You offers disabled children and adults the opportunities to participate in craft and baking sessions. To learn more about program costs, location, and offerings, call It’s All About You at (734) 427-6324 or visit them at their location at 33740 Plymouth Road in Livonia.
Recreational Therapy: Play Therapy

The Arc of Northwest Wayne sponsors fun play opportunities for children with developmental disabilities. Children with a variety of disabilities are invited to participate in the Lekotek Program, a monthly play session in which children can play with adaptive toys, socialize with other children, and take advantage of the therapeutic benefits of recreation. Lekotec also loans out adaptive toys to children and provides families with other information, supports, and services pertaining to adaptive play therapy.

The Just Fun Club is an Arc of Northwest Wayne social program that provides recreational group activities for adults with developmental disabilities ages 16 and up. Volunteers organize social activities for the Just Fun Club, some of which include monthly dances, an annual hayride, hotdog roasts and ice cream socials, pizza parties, trips, a spaghetti dinner dance, and a semi-formal holiday dinner dance.

Recreational Therapy: Special Needs Camps

Rainbow Rehabilitation Centers’ pediatric rehabilitation specialists created therapeutic Summer Fun! programs, which provide recreational therapy, structure, and supervision to children and teens recovering from brain injuries. Outings and events at the summer camps include sporting events, water parks, indoor rock climbing, horseback riding, field days, talent shows, and overnight camping.

4. Speech and Language Therapy
  • St. Mary Mercy Livonia’s Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Speech Pathology services provide an innovative speech and language therapy program called the Lee Silverman Voice Therapy (LSVT) Program—the program consists of 16 sessions that work to improve vocal loudness, speech intelligibility, facial expression, and communication confidence.
  • Henry Ford Health System’s Outpatient Pediatrics Department offers speech-language pathology services for children with a range of communication and oral disorders. Henry Ford provides care programs for speech and language disorders such as developmental articulation impairments, auditory processing disorders, feeding and swallowing disorders, and more.
5. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

St. Mary Mercy Livonia provides Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) facilities and services. To read more about the program, visit their webpage here.

 6. Complementary and Alternative Therapies
  • St. Mary Mercy Livonia’s Outpatient Physical Rehabilitation Services complements traditional rehabilitation exercises with massage therapy, which works to increase circulation, relax stressed areas of the body, and enhance body awareness.
  • St. John Providence Medical Center Livonia: Outpatient Nutrition Management Services at St. John Providence Medical Center complement and support patients’ traditional forms of therapy and treatment. Services include body fat analysis, computerized nutrition assessment, a weight management program, individual nutrition counseling, and community education.
  • The Botsford Center for Rehabilitation and Health Improvemet (BCRHI) offers a number of complementary and alternative forms of therapy—Craniosacral Therapy, Fluidotherapy (a heat/massage treatment aimed at increasing range of motion), and more.
  • The Macomb-Oakland Regional Center Nutrition Services Program complements traditional forms of therapy by assisting patients with health promotion, preventative services, education, and the coordination of care. Typical patients will have tube feeding devices, swallowing disorders, or related conditions.
7. Behavioral Therapy and Emotional Counseling
  • St. Mary Mercy Livonia’s Behavioral Medicine Department performs mental health, dependency, and outpatient psychiatric services. The Department also runs a program that encourages patients to express their feelings and experiences in journals.
  • The MORC Clinical Services Department provides psychology services and social work counseling to those patients and families affected by developmental disabilities. Some services include family training, emotional assessments, group, family, or individual therapy, and positive behavioral supports.
  • Lifespan Clinical Services, a private clinic within the Starfish Family Services group, provides psychological guidance and counseling to help vulnerable individuals lead emotionally balanced lives. Lifespan helps children with mental health issues, learning or behavioral problems, and other emotional or cognitive conditions that compromise quality of life. Additional specialty services include parent management, trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy, play language, case management, family therapy, and more. The program is available in Livonia, Westland, and Inkster.
  • The Judson Center offers in- and outpatient behavioral health services for those with mental health, behavioral, and emotional problems or illnesses. Certified therapists and counselors from the behavioral health team have training in Motivational Interviewing, Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. The In-Home Family Treatment Program is a six month program that provides services including conflict resolution, individual and family therapy, psychiatric services, parenting skills, communication exercises, and more.

Medical Resources

1. Diagnostic Testing
  • Henry Ford Medical Center – Livonia’s Department of Pediatrics offers Pediatric Neurology and the Comprehensive Epilepsy Center. To read more about the Henry Ford Comprehensive Epilepsy Center, visit their website here.
  • St. Mary Mercy Livonia’s Diagnostic Services Center provides a full range of Radiology and Imaging services including Laboratory, Nuclear Medicine, Respiratory Care, Cardiovascular Services, EEG and EKG, MRI, PET/CT, Pain Management, and more.
2. Surgery

Henry Ford Medical Center – Livonia offers pediatric surgery and pediatric reconstructive surgery for birth defects such as hand, wrist, and arm abnormalities.

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