Health Care Centers

1. Oakwood Healthcare
  • Oakwood Hospital – Wayne (formerly Oakwood Annapolis Hospital) provides residents of western Wayne County with a range of medical services and advanced medical facilities. Services of potential benefit to patients affected by delivery or birth injuries may include Radiology & Imaging, Emergency Medicine, Inpatient and Palliative Care, Inpatient Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapies, Surgery, Labor & Delivery, and Spiritual Support.
  • Oakwood Medical Office Building – Wayne provides family medicine services and outpatient physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy.
  • Westland, Canton and Wayne, Michigan Cerebral Palsy ResourcesOakwood Healthcare Center – Canton provides western Wayne County residents of all ages with a range of medical services. Some services that may be beneficial to those affected by delivery or birth trauma include OB/Gyn, Pediatrics, Radiology & Imaging, Neurology, Orthopedics and Orthopedic Surgery, and Pain Management.
  • Oakwood Healthcare Center – Westland provides family medicine, infectious disease medicine, laboratory services, and X-ray services.
  • Oakwood Physical Therapy & Fitness Center – Canton provides outpatient physical therapy, vestibular rehabilitation, and fitness services for patients with conditions and rehabilitation needs including pediatrics, neurological injuries, post-surgical, OB/Gyn, TMJ, hand and foot injuries, repetitive trauma, lower extremity issue, and more. To learn more about services or to make an appointment, call (734) 454-8144.
  • Oakwood Adams Child & Adolescent Health Center: Located in Adams Upper Elementary School, a Wayne-Westland Public Schools primary school, the Oakwood Adams Child & Adolescent Health Center child and adolescent counseling, health care, and health education for patients ages 3-19.
2. St. Joseph Mercy Health System

Joseph Mercy Canton provides services including, but not limited to physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Services, Audiology, Neurology, OB/Gyn, Orthopedic Surgery, Pain Management, and Pediatrics.

3. Detroit Medical Center (DMC)

The DMC Children’s Hospital of Michigan Specialty Center – Canton specializes in neurology, surgery, physical medicine and rehabilitation, and more. The Specialty Center also provides extensive imaging services.

  • DMC Pediatric Neurology: The Neurology and Neurosurgery programs at the Children’s Hospital at the Detroit Medical Center are ranked among the top American children’s hospitals and neurology departments. DMC’s Pediatric Neurology program is a Level 4 epilepsy center, provides advanced imaging tactics, and utilized leading research techniques. Some of the many specialized services and treatments available at DMC’s Pediatric Neurology department include ADD/ADHD, autism, brain trauma, cerebral palsy, craniofacial injuries, developmental and behavioral issues, epilepsy and seizure disorders, hydrocephalus, neuromuscular diseases, brachial plexus injuries, neuropsychological testing, pediatric stroke, spinal cord injuries, surgery, and more. Locations for DMC Pediatric Neurology include Bloomfield Hills, Canton, Clinton Township, Dearborn, Detroit, and Southfield.
4. University of Michigan Health System – Canton Health Center

The Canton Health Center‘s departments and services include Pediatrics, Pediatric Epilepsy, Rehabilitation Services and Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy, Nutrition Services, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pediatric Orthopedics, Social Work, the Spine Clinic, and Imaging.

5. Henry Ford Health System
  • Henry Ford Medical Center – Canton‘s departments and services include Pediatrics, Women’s Health, X-Rays, and several others.
  • Henry Ford Medical Center – Plymouth offers services including Orthopedics, Pediatric, Pathology and X-Rays.
6. Bright Side Dental

Cerebral Palsy (CP) and Special Needs Health Care Resources in Westland, Canton and Wayne, MichiganBright Side Dental, located in Canton, offers specialized dentistry services to patients with special needs. Bright Side Dental prioritizes trust, friendship, sensitivity, and relationship-building in order to provide welcoming, thorough dental services to patients ages 12 and up with Cerebral Palsy, Downs Syndrome, Autism, or other physical and developmental conditions. Dental specialists from Bright Side Dental take into consideration the factors affecting dental hygiene associated with certain disabling conditions. For instance, children with cerebral palsy may require specialized dental services as a result of oral motor dysfunction, poor dental alignment, grinding of the teeth, rumination, and tooth damage from compulsively eating non-edible objects. Bright Side Dental has other Michigan locations in Southfield, Clarkston, Farmington, Livonia, Royal Oak, St. Clair Shores, Sterling Heights, and Warren.

Cerebral Palsy Resources

Financial Assistance Resources

The Arc of Western Wayne provides information, guidance, referral, and advocacy for a variety of financial, health care, and insurance topics. Some of these topics include social security benefits and programs, Medicaid, and more.

Lifestyle Resources

1. Educational Resources
  • The Wayne-Westland Community Schools (WWCS) Special Education Services Department provides all activities, resources, technologies, facilities, and programs necessary to meet the needs of each individual special needs student. WWCS Special Education Services Program offers a number of specific programs in their Preschool, Elementary, Upper Elementary and Middle School, and High School Special Education Departments. To read more about the programs and services offered at each level of education, follow the preceding links.
    • To learn more about pre-school programs and head start options, visit the Stottlemyer Early Childhood and Family Development Center website here.
  • Wayne RESA is a regional education service in Wayne that provides a range of educational services and supports to Wayne County’s 33 school districts. Wayne RESA services include educational consultation, staff development, technology assistance and proliferation, and more. Wayne RESA also monitors special education compliance and administration—to read more about the specifics of this service, follow this link.
  • The Arc of Western Wayne County provides free educational advocacy services for families in Wayne, Westland, Romulus, Inkster, Belleville, and Garden City. Arc advocates provide informational and referral services for questions related to Special Education, attend school meetings with families, and ensure that special needs children receive all the services necessary from the school.
  • Building Bridges Therapy, a pediatric therapy center we’ll discuss more in the Therapy section, offers academic and educational supports for children with special needs. Educational programs include Academic Tutoring, Skill Builders, School Related Services, Little Bridges Preschool, Bridges Developmental Kindergarten, Handwriting Without Tears, and Fast ForWord.
2. Care
  • Spectrum Human Services, Inc. is a child welfare, family preservation, and mental health human services organization in Westland. Spectrum’s services include foster care, adoption, independent living programs, assisted living apartments, family preservation, mental health treatment, employment and career training, and group homes for developmentally disabled adults.
  • is a helpful resource to reference when finding the right care program for your loved one with cerebral palsy. Search for care providers and programs in Wayne, Westland, Canton, and other locations throughout Wayne County here.
  • Community Living Services Long Term Care Programs: Community Living Services, a Wayne and Ferndale nonprofit agency we discuss in greater detail in our Disability Organizations section, provides comprehensive long term care services for Wayne and Oakland County residents with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Community Living Services offers the following programs through their Long Term Care Program:
    • In Home Care services include personal care, homemaking services, respite care, transportation, and counseling.
    • Benefits and Resource Assistance provides the consultation and referral services necessary to link individuals to the resources they need.
    • Nursing Facility Transition helps transition intellectually and developmentally disabled individuals out of nursing homes and into new communities.
    • Support at Home provides information on community- and home-based supports.
3. Employment

Innovative Services, a division of Creative Employment Opportunities in Wayne, Michigan, is a service that help people with disabilities reach their employment goals. Services and programs include social skill training, community service and volunteering, community employment, and the Micro Business Program (a program in which participants can develop their own businesses). To learn more about Innovative Services, call (734) 727-0872.

4. Housing
  • Rainbow Rehabilitation Services provides assisted housing for individuals living with special health, living, or recovery needs. To learn more about the Rainbow Rehabilitation Services assisted housing options and services in the Wayne, Canton, and Westland area, visit their webpage here.
  • Community Housing Network is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing housing for in-need and vulnerable people. Community Housing Network provides a number of programs and services that help disabled residents find housing, some of which include Getting My Own Address (GMOA), homebuyer programs, housing and transition planning, housing development, Renter Readiness, supportive housing and leasing assistance programs, and more. The Network has an office in Wayne, Michigan.
5. Transportation
  • Westland SMART provides ADA Paratransit services for patrons whose disabilities prevent them from using SMART’s Fixed Route bus service. To read more about the ADA Service’s advance reservation curbside transportation services, visit their webpage here.
  • The City of Plymouth provides specialized transportation services for seniors and disabled residents—Plymouth Community Senior Transportation and FISH of Plymouth-Canton. To read more about these programs, visit their webpage here.
  • Nankin Transit is a connector bus service that offers curbside, demand-response transportation for seniors and disabled residents of Wayne, Westland, Inkster, and Garden City. Nankin Transit services also provide transportation to and from medical appointments at St. Mary’s Hospital in Livonia, Oakwood Hospital in Dearborn, and Henry Ford Health Center in Canton.
6. Adaptive Equipment
  • Sunrise Medical Equipment, located in Westland, partners with hospitals and medical centers to provide medical equipment rental and sales to patients with a variety of assistive technology needs. Services include discharge assistance, patient assessment, consultations, patient instruction, and delivery services.
  • Wayne-Westland Community Schools provides assistive technology devices for students with special needs. To read more about the program, learn about available technologies, and contact district case managers, visit their webpage here.
  • The Great Lakes Loan Closets is a comprehensive directory of medical equipment loan programs in different Michigan cities. To find assistive technologies and adaptive equipment in Wayne, Westland, Canton, and Plymouth, visit their webpage here.
7. Accessible Playgrounds

Children from the Wayne, Canton, Westland, and Plymouth area can enjoy the Play 4 All accessible playground located in Wayne, Michigan. To visit the Play 4 All playground, head over to Soroptimist Park at 35700 John Street in Wayne, Michigan.

Organizations, Support, and Awareness Information

1. Disability Organizations
  • The Arc of Western Wayne County, a local branch of the Arc of Michigan, is a disability organization dedicated to bettering the lives of those touched by intellectual or developmental disability. The Arc of Western Wayne County provides financial assistance and information, recreational events, information on and access to therapeutic and medical services, referral services, educational and employment information, future planning consultations, and more.
  • The Westland Committee on Disability Concerns provides research, education, promotion of awareness, outreach, and advocacy for the needs and concerns of disabled residents in order to ensure each disabled citizen of Westland receives equal standards of living.
  • Community Living Services, one of the largest nonprofit agencies in Michigan, provides a wide array of support services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. With locations in Wayne and Ferndale, Community Living Services is able to provide supports to disabled residents across Wayne and Oakland counties. Services and programs available at the Community Living Services location in Wayne, Michigan include advocacy, clinical supports, fiscal intermediary services, peer mentoring, skill-building, supports coordination, behavioral health services, community living supports, support brokers, respite, self determination, benefits coordination, crisis intervention, independent facilitation, rights and advocacy, residential supports, children and family services, DME/EMODS, medication treatment review, rights restriction due process review, substance abuse, and supported employment/micro-enterprise development.
2. Support and Informational Groups
  • The Take Charge Helpline: The Arc of Western Wayne runs the Take Charge Helpline, an online and telephone referral service that provides information on disability research and resources. Funded by the Detroit Wayne County Community Mental Health Agency, the Take Charge Helpline provides information and referral for a wide range of disability topics, some of which include developmental disabilities, mental illness, community resources, disability conditions, employment, financial support, and special education. To view the full list or to read more about the Take Charge Helpline, visit their website here.
  • Community Living Services, located in Wayne, provides several support and information services. Notable programs available through Community Living Services include the Peer Leadership Group and the Peer Mentoring Program. Both programs aim to assist developmentally and intellectually challenged people learn about person-centered planning, community participation opportunities, self-care, safety, budgeting, recreational activities, benefits planning, and independent living.
 3. Family and Parent Resources
  • The Family Resource Center, located in Westland’s Adams Upper Elementary, partners with families, the community, and school staff to ensure each Wayne-Westland student receives the proper support from agencies, organizations, and volunteer groups necessary to support their social, emotional, physical, and academic needs.
  • The Arc of Western Wayne’s family member services support the families of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities around the Wayne, Canton, and Westland area. For families with disabled children, the Arc of Western Wayne provides information for parents and guardians regarding Individualized Education Programs (IEPs), mediation and facilitated IEPs, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), positive behavioral supports, parent/professional collaboration, rights and responsibilities, and assistive technology support. For families caring for adults with disabilities, the Arc provides Futures planning, advocacy, alternatives to guardianship, and sibling support groups.

Treatment and Therapy Resources

1. Interdisciplinary Therapy Programs
  • Building Bridges Therapy, a pediatric therapy center in Plymouth, Michigan, offers a full continuum of comprehensive therapy services to children with special needs. Therapeutic services include augmentative and alternative communication, verbal and applied behavior analysis, music therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, sensory integration, speech and language therapy, and craniosacral therapy. Other services address and improve academic development, social skill building, family and parent support, and more.
  • University of Michigan Health System MedRehab at Canton Health Center: The MedRehab program offers therapy services including physical therapy, occupational therapy, hand therapy, women’s health and pelvic floor dysfunction rehabilitation, and aquatic therapy. On-staff therapists specialize in orthopedics, neuro-developmental treatment, and orthopedic manual physical therapy. To learn more about the program or to make an appointment, call (734) 844-2020.
  • Hegira Children’s Outpatient Services, located in Westland, offers pediatric outpatient mental health and developmental disability services. Therapy programs and services include Traditional Outpatient Therapy, Home-Based Therapy, Early Connections: Infant Mental Health, Targeted Case Management, Wraparound, and Developmental Disability Services. Each program blends specific therapy forms including individual and group therapy, play therapy, psychological and psychiatric assessment, occupational therapy, speech therapy, sensory integration services, respite care, skill building, and much more.
  • The Oakwood Medical Office Building – Wayne provides outpatient physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy.
  • Oakwood Hospital Wayne provides inpatient physical, occupational, and speech therapy programs and services.
  • St. Joseph Mercy Canton Rehabilitation Services offer outpatient physical therapy and occupational therapy services. Patients have a variety of rehabilitation needs, many of which include neurological disorders. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, call (734) 398-7500.
2. Physical Therapy
  • Oakwood Physical Therapy & Fitness Center – Canton provides physical therapy services and fitness training for patients with a variety of health and rehabilitation needs. Equipment facilitates therapeutic exercises for musculoskeletal injuries, accidents, and athletic injuries, and patients have a wide range of diagnoses including pediatrics, neurological injuries, post-surgical, OB/Gyn, hand and foot injuries, trauma, and lower extremity issues. To learn more or to make an appointment, call (734) 454-8144.
  • The Detroit Medical Center Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan locations at the Canton Center and the Plymouth Center both provide physical therapy services.
3. Recreational Therapy
  • The Arc of Western Wayne sponsors a variety of recreational events in Westland and surrounding areas. To learn more about recreational offerings, visit their schedule of upcoming events.
  • The Wayne Westland Recreation Therapeutic Program provides specialized activities, classes, and events for physically and mentally handicapped residents around Wayne and Westland. Programs and classes include cooking, arts and crafts, exercise classes, bowling, adapted swim lessons, boy scout programs, cheerleading, and more.
4. Recreational Therapy – Sports Therapy
  • The Miracle League of Plymouth is a non-competitive, not-for-profit baseball team for intellectually and physically disabled children. The Miracle League offers different teams for players ages 5-adult and participates in spring and fall seasons.
  • The Michigan Shining Start Adapted Cheerleading team is a cheer program offered through the Wayne Westland Recreation Therapeutic Program. To learn more about the program call (734) 968-1398.
5. Behavioral Therapy and Emotional Counseling
  • Apex Behavioral Health, located in Westland, offers outpatient behavioral health services, inpatient psychiatric services, partial hospitalization programs, therapy, psychiatric evaluation, medication therapy, medical evaluation, and psychological testing.
  • Psych Systems, located in Wayne, Michigan, provides personalized health care services to disabled people. Services include therapy, counseling, psychiatric assessment, positive behavioral support plans, anxiety reduction therapy, fear reduction therapy, daily living skills training, home staff, and more. To learn more about Psych Systems, you can reach them at (734) 729-7792.
  • Building Bridges Therapy, the pediatric therapy center we discussed in the Interdisciplinary Therapy Programs section, provides several emotional and behavioral development programs: Kids’ Club Social Emotional Groups, Social Skills Therapy, Functional Behavioral Skills, and Psychological Services.

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