Lifestyle Resources in Coloma, Michigan

1. Education

2. Accessible Playgrounds and Recreation Areas

Organizations, Support and Awareness Information

1. Disability Organizations

  • The Michigan Council for Exceptional Children is an organization devoted to the crafting of inclusive special education policy, and provides scholarships for education and training opportunities to those who are no longer eligible for special education programs or Section 504 services due to graduation or being past the age of 26.

Treatment and Therapy Resources

1. Recreational Therapy

Animal Therapy
  • PATH International provides therapeutic horsemanship for those with cognitive, emotional and developmental disabilities in multiple locations across Michigan.
  • Paws with a Cause trains service dogs for people with disabilities.
Occupational Therapy
  • The Sensory Systems Clinic provides children with sensory processing disorders with integrative therapy to allow them to better master the activities of daily living.
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