Michigan Cerebral Palsy Attorneys Celebrates World Cerebral Palsy Day

World Cerebral Palsy Day, which is held on the first Wednesday of every October, is a movement comprising individuals with cerebral palsy, their families and friends, and the various cerebral palsy and disability organizations that support them. Celebrated on the first Wednesday of every October, World Cerebral Palsy Day aims to increase awareness of CP, improve the lives of those with CP, celebrate the achievements of the cerebral palsy community, inspire change, and more. Throughout this page, our team of Detroit, Michigan cerebral palsy lawyers and attorneys will discuss more about the aims of World Cerebral Palsy Day. Check out our infographic for more information on cerebral palsy from birth injury and medical malpractice.

The Goals of World Cerebral Palsy Day

World Cerebral Palsy Day is more than simply an awareness event. With over 50 participating countries and thousands of participating individuals, World CP Day aims to accomplish a variety of tasks. These goals are split up into six “key areas for change,” according to the World CP Day website. Below we’ll explain these key areas in greater detail:

  • Public Awareness: Because cerebral palsy is common, complex, and highly misunderstood, World CP Day aims to significantly raise public awareness about it. This includes distributing better information about the medical aspects of cerebral palsy, raising awareness about its effect on the lives of individuals, and sharing peoples’ “stories of change.”
  • Civil Rights: World Cerebral Palsy Day aims to address and remedy the many civil rights issues affecting individuals with cerebral palsy. Individuals with CP often lack fundamental human rights, are preoccupied with the challenges of poverty, cannot vote, or fall voiceless to “well-intention, but much too passive” systems.
  • Medical and Therapeutic: This key area of change includes addressing information related to the causes of cerebral palsy, diagnosing CP early, and providing effective treatments for cerebral palsy.
  • Quality of Life: Those with cerebral palsy, unfortunately, often do not experience equal quality-of-life. This key area of change addresses and improves access to tools and products, access to information, and access to support.
  • Education: Education is, without a doubt, critical to the development of the individual and the society. Individuals with CP often are left without adequate educational access and opportunity.
  • Contribution: The World Cerebral Palsy Day website explains how individuals with cerebral palsy “are simply unable to live to their full potential” and to “make their contribution.” This key area of change aims to give these people a stronger voice and live to their full potentials.

World Cerebral Palsy Day Infographic

Learn more about cerebral palsy and World Cerebral Palsy Day below. Our World Cerebral Palsy Day Infographic covers more information about World CP Day, cerebral palsy, medical malpractice, and birth injury. To view a larger version of the infographic, please click the following image. That will take you to another screen—on this second screen, click the image once more for an enlarged version.

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