Patient Safety Week is March 13-19th!

The process of having a child – from pregnancy to delivery and beyond – is often a process fraught with concern for families. The healthcare questions that having a child raises can be very difficult for new or expectant parents to navigate. This is doubly true for parents who have had a child suffer from a birth injury due to medical malpractice.

Patient safety is a paramount concern for those who wish to have children and those who have already had them. According to the Free from Harm Report (a publication of the United for Patient Safety campaign), more than 12 million people experience diagnostic errors in outpatient care, half of which have the potential to cause harm. These numbers are quite large and prompt concern on the behalf of patients and doctors.

Patient Safety Week | Pregnancy, Birth Injury and Patient SafetyWe urge interested parties to read this report, as it is an illuminating view of the extent to which patient safety is a concern in our healthcare system. According to the report, the landmark study To Err is Human: Building a Safer Health System “[cited] safety issues as causing more deaths than motor vehicle crashes, breast cancer, or AIDS,” and, as a result, “…it redefined harms related to safety as being analogous to preventable diseases.”

This is an important statement to remember when considering speaking to a cerebral palsy attorney. Errors in medical practice are deserving of redress and compensation. Human error in the care of fetal, newborn and maternal health can result in birth injury, birth trauma, cerebral palsy, developmental delays, learning disabilities and cerebral palsy, all of which impact child development and growth outcomes.

Michigan Cerebral Palsy Attorneys believes that those who conduct medical malpractice and cause birth injury should be held accountable for their errors. We have a proven track record of multi-million dollar settlements, allowing families who have had birth injuries, cerebral palsy and preventable medical errors impact their families to ensure they will be able to obtain the treatment, therapy and financial security they deserve. Please feel free to contact us via phone, email, Live Chat or our online contact form.

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