Emily Thomas: Michigan Cerebral Palsy AttorneysMichigan Cerebral Palsy Attorneys is proud to announce attorney Emily Thomas as a recipient of the 2015 Michigan Association for Justice (MAJ) PaceSetter title, an achievement recognizing those attorneys whose efforts promote the Michigan justice system in unique and powerful ways.

Emily’s featured article for the PaceSetter recognition offers a snapshot of her ambition, breadth of expertise, and commitment to client advocacy and justice. In her interview with the Michigan Association for Justice, Emily expresses that “litigating on behalf of those with disabilities and special needs is telling the stories of people who need help—and it is a coalescence of everything I love to do.”

Anecdotes from the PaceSetter article illustrate the winding road of achievements and experiences that have sharpened Emily’s current focus on birth trauma litigation. Emily first became interested in disability justice when her mother was exposed to toxic mold in her place of work. From that point, Emily fought for social security disability benefits for clients and received numerous awards for her accomplishments during undergraduate school and law school. While working on her first birth trauma case, Emily explains,

“I was shocked that a child with so many injuries, burdened with lifelong struggle, could have so much love, joy, and determination. I completely reevaluated my priorities as to what matters most in life. That first child, as well as every other child I represented, taught me a lot.”

As a young lawyer, Emily continues to flourish as a new leader in the field of birth trauma litigation. Michigan Cerebral Palsy Attorneys is more than fortunate to have her as a member of our team. Read Emily’s featured article as a 2015 Michigan Association for Justice Pacesetter here—it is a wonderful celebration of Emily’s achievements and passion for birth trauma litigation.

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