Birth education, while totally optional, is often highly recommended by certain medical professionals as an important part of preparing for birth. But busy expectant parents may feel daunted by the commitment of weekly birthing classes, which can last for months at a time.   

It’s no surprise that the use of virtual birthing classes is on the rise. These classes allow for parents to complete them at their convenience and focus on those areas which are most relevant to them. Furthermore, online birthing classes tend to be cheaper than their in-person counterparts, which parents see as all the more reason to learn from their own homes.  Pregnant women may choose to take online childbirth classes if they are on bed rest, have morning sickness or  transportation difficulties, or would just like to learn about the ins-and-outs of birthing in the privacy of their own home. Childbirth educator Lesly Federici, R.N. summarizes the advantages of online childbirth classes, saying, “Online classes allow couples to explore many options, save time and money, and customize their own education and philosophy.”

Parents will find that they certainly can customize their education by choosing from a plethora of different childbirth class options. For information on how to approach a ‘natural’ birth, for instance, parents may choose to take a class that includes more information on birthing techniques and different birthing positions. Others may be looking to learn from a  more medical perspective and would most likely choose a childbirth class through a hospital’s website. Whatever your education interests are, you can be sure you will find an online childbirth class to fit your needs.

Here are a few of the popular online birthing classes:

Yes, there are many advantages to choosing an online childbirth education class.  But experts say that there may be some notable disadvantages as well. For instance, taking a birthing class online removes the personal contact of a face-to-face birthing class. For many people, being face-to-face will encourage them to ask more personal and specific questions directly to the teacher, who will then see how well they understand the topic and explain things in more detail where necessary. Also, many times birthing classes will offer demonstrations of how to use certain tools, like birthing balls or massage tools. The teacher will often walk around the room and interact with each student on a personal level and offer them specific tips that cater to their needs.

It may be advised by medical personnel that first time parents take at least one in-person birthing class and reserve those online birthing classes for review or further study.

Disclaimer: This page is intended solely as an educational tool for parents. It is not intended as – and should not be mistaken for – medical advice.

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